Aluminum Die Casting

What Is Aluminum Alloy Die Casting

Aluminum alloy die casting is a process that uses aluminum alloy as a raw material and infuses the melted aluminum alloy into a pre-designed mold under high pressure and high temperature conditions, and then cools and solidifies. This process is used to manufacture aluminum alloy parts of various shapes, and is usually used to produce complex, lightweight, high-precision parts, such as automotive parts, electronic equipment housings, industrial equipment components, etc.

The Basic Process of Aluminum Alloy Die Casting

01 Aluminum Alloy Preparation

Select the appropriate aluminum alloy material, usually choose the appropriate strength, corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy.

02 Mold Preparation

According to the part design, make the appropriate die casting mold, including upper die and lower die. The cavity inside the mold will become the shape of the part.

03 Melting Aluminum Alloy

The selected aluminum alloy material is heated to a liquid state, usually using an electric or gas furnace for melting.

04 Injection

Molten aluminum alloy is injected into the mold cavity, usually using a high-pressure injection machine to control the injection process to ensure that the aluminum alloy fills the entire mold cavity.

05 Cooling And Solidification

After injection, the aluminum alloy is cooled rapidly in the mold and solidified. A cooling system inside the mold helps speed up the solidification process.

06 Opening And Removing Parts

Once the aluminum alloy has solidified, open the mold and remove the formed aluminum alloy parts.

07 Deburring And Post-Treatment

The removed parts may have some burrs or uneven surfaces, requiring post-treatment processes such as deburring, polishing, painting, etc.

Advantages of Aluminum Alloy Die Casting


Aluminum alloy has a good strength to weight ratio, suitable for the manufacture of lightweight, high-strength parts.

High Precision

Die casting can achieve complex shapes and high-precision parts manufacturing, reducing subsequent processing processes.

High Production Efficiency

Die casting is an effective method for mass production of aluminum alloy parts, and each injection cycle is short.

Design Flexibility

Various shapes and structures can be realized through mold design, which is suitable for different application fields.

Surface Quality

Die-cast parts have good surface quality and can be used directly in applications that do not require additional surface treatment.

We can turn your designs and ideas into real parts in just a few days.

Application Industry of Aluminum Alloy Die Casting

Aluminum alloy die casting is widely used in many fields such as automotive, aerospace, electronic products, and household appliances, bringing efficient, economical and reliable solutions to the manufacturing industry.

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3E owns high precision 3-, 4- and 5-axis imported machines which allow us to achieve tight tolerances. We have also invested in a material tester, so that we can verify the materials we use and make sure they are the correct ones for each project. And we can quickly get measurement results from our automotive coordinate measuring machine (CMM).

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Kingship Machinery Division has successfully obtained certifications for quality management systems such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485, and IATF 16949. We have also continuously introduced advanced manufacturing and precision inspection equipment from countries like Japan, Germany, and Switzerland, ensuring a robust foundation for the production of precise, stable, and high-quality products for our customers.

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