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Japanese Canon Customers

Customers of Canon in Japan have been facing issues with their current approach of using profiles and CNC machining. This method has led to high costs, long lead times, and inconsistent quality, causing frustration among customers who are in dire need of a solution.

By thoroughly studying the intended application and functionality of the customer's products, Kingship proposed an alternative solution: replacing the use of AL 6061 profiles with ADC12 die-casting.

Through collaborative research and development efforts between Jinzhijie and the customer, the drawings were reviewed and adjusted, leading to the successful implementation of the final solution into production. This resulted in a 20% reduction in costs, a 1/3 reduction in lead time, and highly stable quality.

This endeavor has significantly added value for Canon, benefiting the company greatly.

Guangzhou Automobile Group GAC Motor Successfully Localizes Transmission Bracket Production

Previously, this component had been consistently imported from Japan, incurring high costs and long delivery times. The customer had attempted localization multiple times before (by replacing the previous imported semi-solid die-casting process with the current conventional die-casting method). However, due to quality issues, these attempts were unsuccessful.

Kingship successfully achieved localization through continuous communication with customers, organizing research and development efforts, analyzing key challenges in domestication of technology, identifying quality-affecting details and parameters. Ultimately, through collaborative efforts with the customer's R&D team, localization was smoothly accomplished.

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